Portuguese Nationality for Sephardic Jews

Portuguese Nationality for Sephardic Jews

The Portuguese government may grant Portuguese nationality to the descendants of Sephardic Jews and of traditional Jewish communities of the Iberian Peninsula, more specifically descendants of those who were expelled from Portugal since de fifteenth century.

Requirements to apply for Portuguese Nationality: 


  • To demonstrate the tradition of belonging to a Portuguese Sephardic community (examples: family last names, family language, direct descendants of a parent that belongs to a Sephardic community), which must be proven by a certificate issued by the Jewish community with the status of a religious collective person, based in Portugal;
  • Adulthood or emancipation through the eyes of the Portuguese law;
  • The absence of any conviction, with a final sentence, with a term of imprisonment equal to or greater than 3 years, according to the Portuguese law;
  • The applicants cannot constitute a danger or a threat to national security or defense, in particular by the involvement in terrorist practices.


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