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Portuguese Nationality granted by Acquisition - 3/7

Who is entitled


The foreigner who, at the time of the declaration, lives in a long time loving relationship of more than 3 years with a Portuguese national is eligible to acquire Portuguese nationality if that relationship is confirmed by a civil court or tribunal.

Who is eligible?

It is applicable to a foreigner who lives together with a Portuguese nationality, in the same situation as a married couple, for more than 3 years, provided there is a court judgement confirming that fact. The long time love relationship confirmed to be the reason for the acquisition of Portuguese nationality can be recognised or declared in a foreign country, by court judgement or administrative action, but to be recognised in Portugal it must be decided and confirmed by a Portuguese civil court.

Who can make the declarations?

According to the Nationality Code, declarations for acquisition of Nationality can be made by the own applicant or by attorney, legally appointed through a valid Power of Attorney. A lawyer can be instructed to proceed with the declarations.

What documents are required?

  • Declaration that a long love relationship exists for more than 3 years.
  • Birth certificate of the applicant, if possible, fully detailed and issued by photocopy of the original book, attested and legalised, accompanied by translation if not written in Portuguese.
  • Birth certificate of the Portuguese partner, integral copy and if possible by photocopy. Even though this birth certificate can be obtained by the Portuguese services, it is advisable that you provide a plain copy of the birth certificate of the Portuguese partner.
  • Certificate of the court judgement confirming the foreign applicant lives in a long time love relationship for more than 3 years with the Portuguese partner.
  • Document demonstrating the foreign nationality of the underage individual or incapable applicant, accompanied by translation if not written in Portuguese.
  • Declaration dated not more than 3 months, issued by the Portuguese partner confirming that the long time love relationship exists
  • Criminal record certificates obtained by the competent services of the country of original nationality, as well as from other countries where the applicant is known to have resided after 16 years old, accompanied by translation if not written in Portuguese. Although the applicant is not required to submit Portuguese criminal record, it is advisable that the applicant does submit it voluntarily.
  • Documents that explain the extent of the public functions or non compulsory military service exercised in a foreign country.
  • Documentary evidence that the applicant is connected to the Portuguese National Community.

Applications can be submitted in:

  • Extensions of the Civil Registry Offices in Portugal
  • Extensions of the Civil Registry Offices in Portugal
  • Portuguese Consular Services.

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